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Frequently Asked Questions

Pickleball is a paddleball sport (i.e. like a racket sport), a hybrid between tennis and ping pong. For more details on this sport and its history, please refer to the explanation on the USAPA website.

You can find the basic summary as well as the official rule books for Pickleball on the USAPA website.

The Folsom Pickleball Club members play at Lembi Comunity Park in Folsom. You can find the park location on this Google Map link. The park has 12 dedicated pickleball courts and can be lighted for use in the evenings.

If you live near the Folsom area (in Sacramento, California) and want to learn how to play Pickleball, you can look at our Calendar for the Introduction to Pickleball event, normally scheduled on the first Saturday of each month at Lembi Park.

You must sign up for the intro session on PlayTime Scheduler (required free registration for an account). The class will provide paddles and balls, you just need to wear tennis shoes ready for action.

To participate in any event posted on the club Calendar (i.e. sponsored by the Folsom Pickleball Club), you can sign up on PlayTime Scheduler (such as weekly drills), or on our website (such as tournament events usually posted on the home page).

Note that some events are open to all, and some events are for club members only.

The Folsom Pickleball Club offers weekly drill classes free of charge for club members. You can check our Calendar for the classes and sign up on PlayTime Scheduler. You must be a club member to participate in these classes.

To join the Folsom Pickleball Club and find out more info about it, go to Join Our Club page and fill out the membership application.

As a club member you will be able to participate in our social and competitive tournament events and league challenges. The club also offers weekly drill classes free of charge for club members.

We are also coordinating with sister clubs in the Greater Sacramento Area to establish league plays and club challenges. It is more beneficial to get to know and be connected with other players in the club.

You must be an active club member to be able to check your status online.

If you are a primary club member, you have a login account. You can go to the Member Login page and login to view your membership status at any time.


  • If you have a single membership, you are the primary member and have an email login account.
  • If you have a family membership, only the first member (i.e. the first email registered) have a login account. You may share your login account as a family to check your membership status.
  • Once your membership is expired, your login account will be deleted. It is your responsibility to renew your membership before the expiration date. If your membership is expired, you will lose your login account, but you can always reapply for a new membership).

You can go to the Membership Login page and use your primary membership email to login. If you don't know or forgot your password, click the Forgot Password link on that page. You will then be prompted to enter your name, phone and email that you have registered with your membership. If the entered data match our database, a new temporary password will be sent to your email. After you logged in, you may change your password.

If you are a member and are unable to acquire a temporary password, please CONTACT us to check for you.

You can only renew your membership if it is still active and has not expired. Once your membership is expired, you have to reapply for a new membership using the Join Our Club page.

To renew an active membership, you can login to your account and extend the membership at any time before the expiration date.

First, make sure the email you registered for your membership is correct. If in doubt, CONTACT us to check for you (or you can ask one of the board of directors directly to check for you).

If your registered email is correct and you have not received an expected email from the club, check your spam/junk folder. Generally, emails that are sent from the website are computer generated, and your mail server might detect them as such and put them into your spam/junk folder.

 Helpful Links

  • PlayTime Scheduler
    Pickleball PlayTime Scheduler is a website for pickleball players to schedule meeting with other players. It also provides info on nearby places to play.
  • USA Pickleball Association
    The USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) is a national pickleball organization which provides official rules, tournaments, rankings, etc.
  • International Federation of Pickleball
    The International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) is an organization with a goal to introduce and promote the pickleball sport to the world and as an Olympic sport.
  • Folsom Parks & Recreation Commission
    The Commission that advises the City Council on the development and administration of all parks and recreation programs in the Folsom area which includes the pickleball courts at Lembi.