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💥  Shotgun Round Robin Fundraiser Tournament  💥

Saturday, August 20th, 8:00AM - 3:00PM @ Lembi Park

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Are you ready for our next event?

🍄 SHOTGUN Pickleball is EPIC fun! 🍄
This one CAN’T be missed - Samantha played in this the other day and had a BLAST!

The format starts off with a round robin section with LIVE stats and rankings on a large monitor (and on your phone app).
After the round robin is complete, you will be paired up with a partner based on ranking to play in a single elimination bracket.
It is such a great format and super cool to view your stats LIVE throughout the day!

💰💰💰 CASH prizes will be awarded 💰💰💰
The remaining funds will help paying for the installation of our new courts.

We thank you for your participation and support!
(Your Folsom Pickleball Club)

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The Folsom Pickleball Club home courts are at
Lembi Community Park in Folsom, California

News & Announcements

FPC members may sign up drill sessions for free on Playtime Scheduler.
Please make an effort to read the notes on the sessions that you sign up to.
Kris LaFond

Paddle Swap at Lembi Park (Coming Soon)

Every Monday 8AM - 12PM, bring your old or new paddles to Lembi Park for exchange/sell/buy.
Put your name and price on the edge of the paddles and let others try them out.

Champions of the Court Challenge Results - July 30, 2022
Congratulations to the FPC Champions!
2.0 - 2.75
3.25 - 3.5
3.75 - 4.0
🏆  Kyle McCluan & Eric Moore
🏆  Anna King & Tammi Beck
🏆  Emily O'Neal & Dean Adams
🏆  Steve Simmons & Kenny Richardson

August Drill Sessions Updates - July 25th, 2022
We are making some exciting changes to our drill sessions for August! Here's the list:
  1. Based on feedback from both students and instructors we are going back to the 90min session length.
  2. In order to provide more opportunities for members to attend drill sessions we will be offering lesson plans that repeat for a two week period. We are asking members to only sign up for alternate weeks until we work out the demand for sessions and can balance the number of coaches required.
  3. We are adding new 60min "Play with the Coaches" sessions on Tuesday/Thursday mornings.
  4. We are moving the Intermediate Advanced sessions to Wednesday morning and evening.
  5. We are adding new Beginner sessions on Thursday evenings.
  6. Please help us out by showing up to sessions you sign up for, and or, removing your name accordingly at least 24hrs in advance of the session so others have a chance to attend and we can have the correct number of coaches available.
We appreciate your patience and support to accommodate these updates and we will be looking forward to your feedback on how they are working so we can make changes in the coming months if needed.

See you on the courts!!
Your Folsom Pickleball Club

New Club Training Management Role - July 20th, 2022
We are very excited to announce that Kris LaFond has agreed to take over the management of club training!
Kris will be the Club Officer in charge of scheduling sessions, managing the coaching staff and coordinating the lesson plans for our most popular member benefit.
Please welcome Kris (and his team!) in his newest role with our club.
Court Construction Completed - May 24, 2022
Come by and check out our newly renovated 8 courts (with no tennis lines!) this Saturday during our Grand Opening from 10-Noon. The two new paddle racks donated by our own Erin Bogue have been installed on both sections to facilitate rotation when things get busy... Thanks Erin!!
This would not have happened without your support so Thank You for your continued membership and participation in our fundraising events.

See you on the (new) courts!
Your Folsom Pickleball Club

Team Pickleball Tournament Results - June 25, 2022

Spring Ladder League Results - Mar 1 to May 3, 2022

Pickle-Dilly Tournament Results - April 18, 2022

Spring Singles Tournament Results - Mar 7, 2022

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