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🎃 PickleBoo Team Tournament 2022 Registration 🎃

Saturday, October 29th  ♦  8AM - 5PM
Lembi Community Park, Folsom, CA
FPC Members Only  ♦  Major League Pickleball 2022 Format

🌕  See MLP 2022 Format played in Columbus, Newport Beach and Austin on YouTube  🌕
(Notice the fixed position, alternate serving, rally point scoring, and tag-team singles tiebreaker)
For more info on MLP, check out the Major League Pickleball website.

Click here to view the Modified MLP Format for PickleBoo Team Event

Three Brackets  •  Max of 8 teams in each bracket  •  The highest level player in a team determines the team bracket
This is a fun club event, so use your local rating and challenge your team to play at a higher level for better practice.

Beginner - Max Level 3.0 Intermediate - Max Level 3.5 Advanced - Level 3.75+

Form your team of 4 players (2 men and 2 women with a designated team captain) and play against other teams.
Matches will consist of 2 lines of doubles, 2 lines of mixed, and a "Tag-Team Singles Tiebreaker" if needed.
Double elimination with a consolation bracket (only undefeated teams play for Gold) using modified rally scoring to keep things moving.
Team registration fee is $40 (i.e. $10 per player).

Note that this is also a team potluck and costume event.
Prizes will be awarded to team wearing the best costumes and team bringing the best potluck food.

Team Registration

The registration is closed!

Beginner - Max Level 3.0 (FULL)
Scream Team Edit
Judy Mikalonis 2.75
Michael Mikalonis 3.0
Christine Renfree 2.75
Richard Renfree 3.0
Batty Backhands Edit
Connie Burdick 3.0
Willie Bulda 3.0
Paula Cole 3.0
Christopher Cole 3.0
Frank N Slam Edit
Scott Ravel 3.0
Deb Wert 3.0
Kevin Totushek 3.0
Maureen Sanford 3.0
Smashing Pumpkins Edit
Anna King 3.0
Sirina Camden 3.0
David Melton 3.0
Jeff Coker 3.0
Killers In The Kitchen Edit
Susan Hansen 2.5
Terry Fletcher 3.0
Michelle Cadenhead 2.5
Howard Cadenhead 3.0
Driving Daredevils Edit
Laureen Hunt 3.0
Janell Darroch 3.0
Philip Jackman 3.0
Eli Isham 3.0
Volley Vampires Edit
Bay Martin 3.0
Terry Peros 2.75
Wesley Ratelle 3.0
Michael Peros 3.0
Gherkin Goblins Edit
Greg Markel 2.5
Kathy Moore 2.75
Matt Vogt 2.5
Kim Mavetz 2.5
Intermediate - Max Level 3.5
Chainsaw Smashers Edit
Steve Scott 3.5
Jeannie James 3.5
Emily O'neal 3.5
Chris Tulley 3.5
Hells Kitchen Edit
Paula Isham 3.0
Jeff Isham 3.5
Kris Byrne 3.0
Bob Byrne 3.5
Dinkin Demons Edit
Linn Chinnapongse 3.5
Robyn Taylor 3.5
John Chinnapongse 3.5
Chuck Moy 3.5
Shorty And The Big Kids Edit
Este S 3.5
Nancy L 3.5
Stefan B 3.5
Mike M 3.5
Angels Of Death Edit
Chiha S 3.5
G Amador 3.5
Sese G 3.5
Vincent N 3.5
SlamJam Edit
Edwin Gonzales 3.5
Zachary Jones 3.5
Elise Wilson 3.5
Denna Patton 3.25

Open Slot

Open Slot
Advanced - Level 3.75+
BallBusters Edit
Duane Chinnow 4.0+
Tracy Lind 4.0+
Renee Breshears 4.0+
Mike Bettencourt 4.0+
The Ripping Reapers Edit
Nancy Maes 3.75
Amy Sanford 3.75
Mr. Kim Hughes 3.75
Mike Beattie 3.75
The Boo Crew Edit
Catherine LaFond 4.0+
Mary Anne Basco 4.0+
John Barbieri 4.0+
Dave Storck 4.0+
Southpaws Edit
Aziz Alsagoff 3.75
Chris Dekalb 3.75
Vicki Lee 3.75
Carol Hopkins 3.75
DinkšŸš«Busters Edit
De Hong 3.75
Kim Hong 3.5
Claudia Meier 4.0+
Kenny Richardson 3.75
Pickled Pumpkins Edit
Ron Wadsworth 3.75
Dave Smith 4.0+
Karla Allen 4.0+
Lan Huynh 3.75

Open Slot

Open Slot